As We Wander was started in 2016 as a repository of tales, as experienced by a family of adventurers. Other labels can be applied- travel is a theme that applies to most of them, but we don’t always go far. Hiking is another possible label, but not all adventures go that direction: Caving, kayaking, and SCUBA are also on the roster.

The one unvarying characteristic of all of these posts is a snapshot (or several) and a story. Locations and activities vary but the goal is always the same: to discover something amazing.

There are four in our core cast of characters. Writing this is Jennifer Santiago, writer and photographer, and my co-conspirator is Carl Tuttle, photographer; Arwyn, 14, and Alison, 9, complete the team. Though young, the girls’ lists of accomplishments are already pretty extensive, and the mother in me can’t wait to see what else they will achieve while the adventurer in me cheers them on.

If you have questions, comments, ideas, etc., we’d love to hear from you! Email us at aswewander@yahoo.com, like and share on your social media platform of choice, and visit our Patreon page in to learn about accessing exclusive content!


All text and images property of As We Wander unless otherwise specified.

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